Reward for Service Exporters

Services provided by TIME's Top 500 Exporters awards found their owners Turkey. Airlines, SunExpress, Pegasus across Turkey took the first three places among the companies engaged in exporting most services.

     Turkey Exporters Assembly with the support of the Ministry of Commerce (TIM) for the third time organized by Turkey's Top 500 Services Exporter Award Ceremony was held with the participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. At the ceremony, according to the Survey of Turkey's 500 largest service exporter in Turkey he was given the top 10 most exporting companies in the first three awards in the industry with 17 firms. According to 2017 figures the ranking Turkish Airlines, Turkey in the first while, she followed him and Pegasus SunExpress. Four of the companies included in the consortium to build the Istanbul New Airport were given special awards.

     In his speech at the ceremony, "Turkey's growth, employment, added value we entrust to exporters," said TEA President Ismail Shot, the President's continued export of services in foreign trade moves under the leadership pointed keep a very precious place. Istanbul New Air Port Republic 95 years in 60 countries and 20 trillion dollar economy, indicating that they believe strongly contribute greatly to Turkey's exports of services linking Roses continued as follows:

     "I would like to express again the presence of our President, we target the foreign trade surplus Turkey. In this sense, in the export of both goods and services, we are moving forward with this goal. During this period, we are paying attention to the export of services in our future strategies. Our system is in place to register our goods exports. We also need to create this system for our service exports and transit trade. Based on this; ”We are working with our Minister of Trade Mr. Ruhsar Pekcan in order to register services exports, transit trade and e-exports as soon as possible. ihracat


“We will run by taking no risk ac

     : If we don't put targets big, the steps we take are small, le said Gülle. Iz We don't have the luxury to proceed with small steps. In fact, we don't have the luxury to walk. As the President of the Republic said many years ago, we will run "No Stopping!" We have to make the breakthrough run. For this reason, we have to implement all the values ​​added by high civilization, high added value, brand, design, R & D and innovation. Un

     exporters who stalwarts of Turkey's global trade skills in 2018, $ 170 billion of goods and 48 billion dollars in exports of services Roses said run record with the target, "Night and Day 200 countries, traveling around 504 thousand dollars every single minute of our Turkey, each time 30 million dollars, 726 million dollars on each day, $ 5 billion in each week, $ 18 billion in each month exports, 75 thousand exporters are doing with bir.

Top 10 companies in the service export

Turkish Airlines Corporation
Güneş Ekspres Aviation Inc. (SunExpress)
Pegasus Air Transport Inc.
Ekol Logistics Inc.
Gap Construction Investment and Foreign Trade Inc.
Tav Airports Holding Inc.
Rönesans Holding A.Ş.
Netlog Logistics Services Inc.
Odeon Tourism Management Inc.
Atlasjet Aviation Inc.

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