In the framework of the mission and vision that OTİAD has acquired; has always encouraged and supported the participation of its members in national and international fairs in the fashion apparel and textile sectors. So far, all organized in Turkey apparel, fashion and fabric fairs are given support as OTIAD. In this context; The international channels determined as the target markets directly or indirectly show extraordinary efforts for the expansion of the foreign markets and markets of the organized fashion and fabric fairs in Moscow, Kiev, Almaty, Baku, Cairo, Damascus, Algeria, Beirut and Lagos.

OTİAD Fashionist Fair is a cultural, historical, art and financial center of Istanbul. Fashionist Fair brings together national and international brands with purchasing professionals in Istanbul, Turkey and create a huge market for new and Osmanbey textile industry has been working on the target.



A special importance and importance as the OTİAD in its efforts to ensure integration with the EU and production in its standards in the process of changing the structure of the organization and the understanding of the manpower, the structure of the organizations and the management in the process of intense competition, rapid technological development and change in the textile and garment sectors in all international markets. It is shown.

Within this framework, efforts are made to ensure that meetings, conferences and seminars organized by OTİAD and their members are provided with information on production, sales and marketing, business administration, personal development and time management.

Also; As OTİAD, it makes every effort to inform and benefit from the current support and incentives of the state (KOSGEB, Ministry of Economy, etc.).



In accordance with the purpose of reducing the cost of the activities of its members, it cooperates with the procurement projects, and through its OTİAD Card project, which has been put into practice by institutional means, and its agreement and protocol with nearly 120 companies that cooperate, food, clothing, accommodation, health and accessories and so on. In the sectors, members were provided with discounted goods and services.



Within the scope of the mission and vision of all Board of Directors, which has served with extraordinary devotion in Otiad so far; and all sectors of the sector by intervening immediately.

As a result, Osmanbey Moda Magazine, which is prepared monthly and distributed to all relevant channels, is updated every six months with the published Osmanbey Fashion Guide and the active website updated daily. The other important social media channels are the institutionalization of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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